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Our company is built from the legacy left behind by Walter Drivet, New Jersey Paramedic 0579.

Walter worked as a New Jersey paramedic for over 35 years in Newark and Elizabeth, providing care to patients that needed it the most. He died in 2015, leaving behind a legacy of educational experiences and cutting edge clinical philosophies.  His leadership skills drove advancement to the EMS profession in New Jersey.

Walter pushed change on topics like Unified Command and Incident Management before it was federally funded and an EMS standard.  He established SWAT Medic teams to work in conjunction with law enforcement before it was understood to be lifesaving.  Experiential learning models were utilized in the classroom, not because the evidence proved its worth for learner retention, but because it made sense to Walter.

Walter was an outstanding paramedic, educator, and leader, and he will be greatly missed.Through our company, we will ensure, Walter's legacy lives on.


Jennifer McCarthy MAS, NRP, MICP, CHSE



For over 25 years, Jennifer has actively worked in New Jersey as a Paramedic.  She is proud to be actively caring for patients in diverse areas of New Jersey.  Jennifer has worked in academia for over 15 years directing and leading change within the paramedic profession. She has been the recipient of many awards for her instructional style and impact made within the industry.  Most notably, she received the 2015 EMS Lifetime Achievement award presented to an EMS professional who has made a lasting impact in the field of EMS. That same year, Jennifer was named one of the 17 People to Watch in Healthcare buy 201 Magazine. Jennifer serves actively on many New Jersey EMS Advisory Boards.


In the field of healthcare simulation, Jennifer serves as an Accreditation Council Member for the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH). She is a site reviewer for accreditation and an item writer for the SSH simulation certification exams for CHSOS and CHSE.  In 2017, she established a Simulation Series for JEMS Magazine. Jennifer’s passion for evidence based simulation practice is evident by the amount of preconference and general sessions she develops to promote EMS simulation best practices.


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