What We Do


We like solving problems by identifying the root cause and developing innovation solutions that improve  outcomes. These outcomes are geared towards better performance and improved teamwork.

Our consulting services are geared for patient care related businesses and academic programs looking for a fresh way to bring outcomes to the next level while delivering positive change.


Leadership Solutions

Personalized business solutions can be scaled to your budgetary needs. Some clients phase projects that build over time.

Leadership simulation activities help to develop employee engagement and customer service strategies. 

Contact us to begin developing a plan of improvement that fits your needs.

Simulation Solutions

Our simulation solutions assist with initial or expansion of current projects. Expertise from our team will enhance the quality of simulation activities implemented by your company or service.  We specialize in various simulation modalities and offer exceptional mentorship.  Our team has experience in projects which include:

  • Simulation Need Assessments
  • Physical Simulation Design Solutions
  • Clinical Skill Competency Assessment
  • Equipment Evaluation and Purchase
  • Simulation Curricula Integration
  • Faculty/Instructor Development  
  • Debriefing Education and Mentorship
  • Interprofessional Activity Design/Delivery
  • Quality Improvement Projects
  • Policy and Procedure Trial Testing
  • Sim Competition Design and Directing

Education Solutions

Offering an engaging education atmosphere is a key to our success.  We provide a psychologically safe learning environment, while challenging participants to embrace new ways of learning and practicing healthcare delivery.  Our participants leave refreshed and with a new perspective.  Our team has implemented many projects, which include:

  • Patient Safety Initiatives 
  • Emerging trends in Health Profession Education
  • Curriculum Design Strategies 
  • Assessment and Evaluation Techniques 
  • Sustainment Initiatives
  • Clinical Instructor Education Programs
  • Healthcare Team Building Programs
  • Employee Morale Programs
  • Wellness and Stress Management
  • Organizational Change Strategies


"Jennifer has a way of bringing real world examples to the classroom for better application and understanding. She has a gift for presenting her message in an engaging manner. I think about the lessons learned long after the class is over!"  SB participant 2019

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