Ways we help our clients

Completed Projects

Our company has diverse experience helping clients achieve better outcomes. Developing solutions that sustain for the future is our specialty.

The digital images are some of the projects that we are proud of participating in.

Affective Domain Assessment Techniques
Simulation Competition Design and Direction
Faculty Development Course
Active Shooter Preparation and Simulation
Simulation Faculty Development
Stress Management and Improved Employee Morale
What appears like scraps can become ........
An amazing simulation space
Simulation design and construction oversight
Simulation design
Changing landscape of EMS design and EMS simulation
Moulage for realism
Curricula integration
Faculty development course
Interprofessional Education Sessions
NJ Sim Competition Prelim Scenario 2017
NJ Sim Competition Finals 2017
NJ Sim Competition 2018
NJ SUN 2018
National SUN 2019

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